Edgecase empowers shoppers with the freedom to discover products on their own terms, using their unique language, preferences and shopping habits.

Human-Driven Content Curation

Shopping is personal. Shoppers today are forced to express their wants and needs in retailer-speak rather than using their own language and preferences. Many are left feeling frustrated and uncertain, and so abandon their product search.

Edgecase puts the power of human interpreters—our Content Curation team, behind your brand and products, expanding your product vocabulary and fueling relevant and inspiring product discovery that leads to confident purchases.

Learn how to overcome the product data pains that 75% of retailers feel

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Personalized and Adaptive Navigation

Shopping is an experience, not a task. No shopper would ever say they want to be segmented, targeted and re-targeted, and then pushed through a funnel. Your shoppers simply want to feel empowered to communicate what they want and be inspired by the options and buying paths you present to them.

Adaptive Navigation keeps shoppers engaged and increases shopper confidence through a rich library of customizable filters, build-your-own navigation, real-time gridwall re-sorting, and the ability to “soft filter” results to include exact and near matches.

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Learn how Crate & Barrel translated their store experience, online

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Shopping is visual. Consumers can’t always tell you why they like something—they just do. Make it easy for your shoppers to choose a product that seems right, see more like it, and then refine their preferences until they find the perfect fit.

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Mobile Discovery

Shopping is everywhere. People interact with their phones differently than they do at a desk. Make shopping fun and easy, on every device. Inspire your mobile shoppers through intuitive and visual mobile discovery, ensuring it’s your brand they think of when purchasing in any channel.

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