Compare Metrics Product Discovery

Personalized & Adaptive Navigation

Shoppers don’t want to “search,” they’re trying to “find.”

Free your shoppers to navigate and discover using their own language and preferences. As they forge their own path to a decision, learn about their desires, store them and utilize them to create an increasingly better experience with each visit.

More Like This

An image really can say a thousand words.

Just like in stores, shoppers can’t always tell you why they are attracted to something – they just are. Make it easy for them to choose a product that seems right, see more like it, and then refine their preferences to get to the perfect choice.

Mobile Discovery

Shopping should be easy from anywhere, on any device.

People interact with their phones differently than they do at a desk. Empower and inspire your mobile shoppers through intuitive and visual mobile discovery to create a truly engaging omni-channel experience.

Product Finder

Sometimes, the hardest thing is knowing where to start.

Many shoppers don’t know exactly what they need. Some can’t figure out how to articulate it. Create an adaptable dialog with your shoppers to inform and guide them toward the selection that best suits them.


Inspire shoppers to tell you what they want in a single click.

You know the best shoes for cross-training, appropriate dress for a graduation, maybe a great camera for a beach vacation. Inspire your shoppers with easy scenario-based navigation to the right products for their event, lifestyle, project or problem.