Discovery Built for the Modern-Day Mobile Shopper

Edgecase helps retailers offer a visually-driven mobile product discovery experience that’s personal and memorable — and all within the mobile browser.

Human-Driven Content Curation

Shopping is personal. Shoppers today are forced to express their wants and needs in retailer-speak rather than using their own language and preferences. Many are left feeling frustrated and uncertain, and so abandon their product search.

Edgecase puts the power of human interpreters, our Content Curation team, behind your brand and products, expanding your product vocabulary and fueling relevant and inspiring product discovery that leads to confident purchases.

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Mobile Navigation

Richer filters, more relevant options. Difficult browsing and navigation is a top reason why mobile shoppers are abandoning retailer sites. Navigation on mobile MUST be engaging, easy, fast and create extremely relevant results.

Edgecase’s mobile-optimized filters give shoppers better ways to express what they are looking for, tapping their way to more and more relevant product options.

Visual Shopping

Visual Shopping has become the norm. Leading consumer websites and apps have set the precedent for the evolving mobile usability best practices.

Edgecase helps retailers liberate their shoppers from desktop-style menus and search boxes. With one tap on an item of interest, the shopper is immersed in a curated selection of similar items that they can save, share or buy at any point.

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