Think shopping online is boring? You aren’t alone.

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edgecase personalization whitepaper mockupThe results of our recent consumer study with Lauren Freedman of the e-tailing group were surprising and enlightening. We set out to answer questions that we couldn’t find answers to, such as “How are shoppers searching and navigating sites and why?” and “What do consumers really think of their navigation options on a retail site?” We chose to do an in-person study so that we could observe and ask questions in real time. We were surprised to hear from shopper after shopper — “We’re bored.”

Major study fundings have been captured in our latest whitepaper, including video snippets from the actual participants. You can download the whitepaper here.

In the meantime check out an excerpt from Lauren below:

‘I am bored. I go online to shop when I have a task in mind, spring shoes for my daughter, a book I want to read or to replenish the mascara I ran out of this morning. While I am visiting a website, depending on the time of day, I may spend a few minutes looking around, but I rarely start with the web to see what’s new or what I can’t live without.

Why is this?

I, like most of the shoppers in our research, am uninspired. Uniquely, my business is predicated on merchandising. In its classic definition, merchandising is about romancing the product. The cookie-cutter nature of today’s on-site product navigation and discovery has stripped the soul from shopping for many of us. We don’t doubt the efficiency of the web or a good on-site search tool’s ability to locate a very specific product, but consumers are looking to the online store to do more.

We must explore how we can double the size of web shopping, now in the high single digits, in the coming years. Inspiring shoppers is once again seen as a necessity to grow our channel. In 2000 I wrote a book about shopping online called “It’s Just Shopping.” Many times we forget that shoppers are really simple people. While much of shopping is about needs, more is about impulse buys and desires and this is where inspiration comes into play. We hunger for differentiation in product, in site experiences, in store visits and in navigation tools that allow us to find products in the way we think.

If you know me, you know that I am candid and honest, and it is rare that I come across a technology that inspires me not only as an omni-channel merchandising maven, but as a girl who loves shopping.

I’m excited to bring this new consumer intelligence to the market with Edgecase, illuminating some big opportunities for retailers. Seeing and hearing shoppers’ delight with Edgecase’s Adaptive Navigation experience, compared to the standard fare, was refreshing and exciting. I look forward to once again being inspired during my shopping journey as this more modern approach to product merchandising, navigation and discovery becomes the new “normal.” ’

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the e-tailing group

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Kassidy is the Lead Generation Specialist for Edgecase. Prior to joining Edgecase, she was the Marketing Coordinator for Invodo. She is passionate about creating live experiences that drive action in a meaningful and rewarding way.

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  • August 11, 2016 at 11:59 am, stockli530 said:

    You miss out on the total experience when shopping online, which is why, I think, it is boring for many people. Walking through a well-designed air conditioned mall on a hot day, smelling the fresh baked cookies, hearing the water fountains, people watching, etc adds to the immersiveness of shopping, making it more enjoyable. As opposed to just sitting at home in your underwear, scrolling your mouse cursor up and down on a boring webpage.


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