The Business Case for Better Data: Unlocking New and Innovative Merchandising Strategies

Today’s installment of the “Business Case for Better Data” is all about the merchandiser. Let’s be honest, the number of hats they could wear in a day is nothing short of impressive. From data analyst to user experience extraordinaire, merchandisers are constantly shifting gears to make sure they are keeping up today’s ever-evolving shopper.  At the end of the day, merchandisers really love connecting shoppers with their favorite products through creative campaigns and engaging promotions.  Unfortunately, thanks to unsophisticated tools, manual processes, and piles of big data, the amount of time they might have to be creative is minimal.

So, what’s keeping these organizational superheroes from doing the fun stuff?  Three words: bad product data.  We often hear that product data is a problem for them either because it’s coming from too many sources and hard to keep organized, or, there’s just too much to manage.  Generally speaking, if it’s not easy to manage, it’s probably incomplete, inaccurate, and out-of-date given how quickly shopper language changes.

Interesting new campaigns or e-commerce strategies are not limited by a lack of creativity, but instead by the inability to execute within the constraints of existing product data.  The enormity of work it requires to wrangle the data and tag all the product could take weeks, if not months of manual labor.  It’s hard to imagine anyone is excited to do that job, let alone do it quickly enough to deliver on time.  The ability to unleash new innovative campaigns is directly tied to the ability to quickly and easily sort products with shared attributes.

I know, you’re probably wondering how to unlock those creative campaigns and free yourself from the immovable, inaccessible product data that’s forced you to crank away at old excel spreadsheets.  Well, look no further.  The Edgecase Intelligence Platform was built specifically to enrich the data that matters most, and empower merchandisers to unleash their creative forces!

Learn more about our platform on our “How It Works” website, and don’t forget to read more on this business case an others in our new eBook: “Hey….Your Dirty Data is Showing!”.

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Kristen leads Marketing Communications for Edgecase. Prior to joining Edgecase, she was a Marketing and PR manager for AMD. Having spent over 5 years dedicated to the art of communications, Kristen is passionate about finding creative ways to tell stories that engage people, inspire conversation, and build unique differentiation for our brand.

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