Shopper Speaks (3 of 5): Overwhelming and Inefficient

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Last week we shared the second major finding from our newest whitepaper recapping our recent consumer study completed with Lauren Freedman of the e-tailing group. This week we will continue to share the major findings in this “Shopper Speaks” series including videos of the actual study participants and discussion of what these findings mean for retailers.

Overwhelming and Inefficient

Over the course of the three days of usability sessions with consumers we heard something again and again — online shopping has become overwhelming and inefficient. Shoppers value their time and are increasingly frustrated by shopping experiences that require many clicks and time waiting for pages to reload just to make navigation refinements.

These frustrations are only amplified by onsite navigation that includes massive lists of options and details that are irrelevant to many shoppers. 52% of the shoppers felt that current websites have become too overwhelming leading more and more to visually scan page after page rather than deal with excessive navigation controls.

What can retailers do to simplify the navigation experience?

  • Just because you have a filter, sort option, or piece of product information doesn’t mean every user wants to see and use it. Consider handing over some control to the shopper to define the filters and navigation that’s most meaningful to them rather than presenting them with a daunting list of defaults.
  • Explore better ways to facilitate visual shopping and allow shoppers to easily point out an item that appeals to them and see more like it.

To view the full report, download the whitepaper here. In the meantime check out what real shoppers had to say about being overwhelmed:



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