Blog Summit 2016 | DALLAS TRAVELERS GUIDE: Remembering John F. Kennedy

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On November 23, 1963 and the days that followed the nation mourned the untimely loss of the 35th President of the United States. This tragic moment in our history remains a significant event for many.  Thanks to monuments like the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza, every year more than 385,000 people are able to take a moment and pay their respects.

Located in the West End District of downtown Dallas, it seems as if the plaza has been frozen in time. Visitors to Dealy Plaza will find street lights and signs that were actually there in 1963, and the original buildings that surround the plaza as well.  While the backdrop of the mega-modern Dallas skyline is a sharp contrast against the retro plaza, nothing of significance has been altered since that fateful afternoon in November.

Remember the “Grassy Knoll”? If you have time, take a walk over to the sloping hillside where the “Zapruder Film” was famously recorded and look for an “X” marked in the middle of the road.  This represents the exact spot where the President’s motorcade drove, past hundreds of waving supporters, and where he was eventually shot.

Aside from the plaza itself, visitors can take a walk through The Sixth Floor Museum which located in the former Texas School Book Depository Building. The Museum occupies two floors and has special exhibits that look at the life, death, and legacy of President JFK, and sits in the exact location that Lee Harvey Oswald was believed to have fired his weapon.  The exhibit area features historic photos and films, various artifacts, and “interpretive displays” that document the events of the assassination. Since 1989, it’s estimated that more than six million people have visited the museum!

The only thing that may remind you that you are in 2016 is that you’ll be able to take out your cell phone and capture some of your favorite moments on the trip down memory lane. You may even stop and wonder what you might have captured back in 1963. The Memorial Plaza is packed with history, and serves as a reminder of a time when our nation was united in the wake of a terrible tragedy.  Enjoy your time here and take a moment to enjoy a quiet moment in remembrance.

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See y’all in Dallas!

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