Blog Summit 2016 | DALLAS TRAVELERS GUIDE: “Amazeballs” Anyone?

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Ever wonder where the word “amazeballs” came from? Well, look no further! Its origin comes from a small piece of fried heaven located right here in the heart of Texas. “Amazeballs”, a chocolate cake and bacon dream, are one of the many delicacies that can only be found at the Texas State Fair held in Dallas, Texas. Since the 1980’s, concessionaires have put a unique spin on traditional desserts, and every year a new addition is added. The choices are seemingly endless, from fried carrot cake to a fried banana split, or take a spin with deep-fried red velvet Oreos if you’re feeling a little spontaneous.

Not feeling excited about all the fried desserts? Maybe you’re just thirst, because after all folks, you are in Texas. Check out this smoky bacon margarita. That’s right, a green slurpee with bacon bits top it all off. Okay, this isn’t exactly the best thirst quencher, and the fried latte probably isn’t a great substitute, but it sounds delicious and looks even better.  Now that you’ve got a belly full of one-of-a-kind treats, you might need a change in scenery.

Since it’s a State Fair, it would be amiss not to mention all the great carnival rides you can enjoy if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. It would also be our bad not to mention an infamous Texas pastime: football.  If you’ve never been to our great state, you’re in for some serious football.  When you’re ready to dive in, take your fried butter stick over to the Red River Showdown to witness one of the longest college football rivalries between the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners.  Can you believe it’s been 87 consecutive years? You may not know that the Cotton Bowl Stadium holds 92,000 screaming fans that have been waiting for this game all year, so get ready for a true football experience!

There you have it, a quick glance at the most attended state fair in the country, and it’s right here in Texas! Whether you are a fried food enthusiast or a football fanatic, there’s no question you’ll find everything you’re looking for and so much more.   I think we can all agree that the Texas State Fair is a must try.

Interested in some more great attractions to check out while you’re in Dallas?  Be sure to download our “Dallas Business Traveler’s Guide” and see what other great spots we’ve picked out. Once you’ve hit the town, swing by the Edgecase booth (#5054) and tell us about your experience! We’ll even set you up with one of our experts to talk about how Edgecase can help optimize your product data for e-commerce performance.

Before we go: don’t forget we’re hosting an After Party tomorrow with our friends at Fashion Metric.  Come check out the infamous House of Blues where we’ll have live music, eats, and drinks! Be sure to RSVP and reserve your spot now!

See you in Dallas, y’all!


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