LD Products Launches Edgecase’s Adaptive Experience Platform to Up-level Product Merchandising & Overall Customer Experience

Austin, Texas – February 6, 2015 – Edgecase, the platform behind today’s most inspiring shopping experiences, today announced that LD Products, a leading online retailer of printing and office supplies in the US, has launched Edgecase’s Adaptive Experience Platform. LD Products’ primary focus is providing their customers a superior experience, and they understand that experience often begins with an exceptional product discovery on their website. The company partnered with Edgecase to create new, unique and highly engaging ways for their shoppers to connect with the right products for their specific needs.

“With our expanding assortment and product lines, it’s critical that we are able to merchandise and promote each product to the right customers,” said Aaron Leon, CEO of LD Products. “In Edgecase, we found a partner to help augment and optimize the merchandising for our growing product catalog in a way that was both accurate to the merchants and useful to our customers.”

Prior to partnering with Edgecase, LD Products relied on the standard merchandising data available from their manufacturers, however, when imported into their filters it often became repetitive, leading to long lists of values that weren’t consumer-friendly. Edgecase’s Content Strategy and Curation team took on the task of simplifying LD Products’ existing filters and identifying how to best represent their products in ways shoppers naturally think about them.

The Content Strategy and Curation team used manufacturer data, as well as insights gained from shopping in physical office supplies stores to create a new strategy that refined existing, and created new, shopper-friendly filters. For example, they took the Media Weight measurements for Paper and translated them into more shopper-friendly attributes including Lightweight, Mid-weight, Standard and Heavyweight. They also created an easy way to shop by Usage, including On The Go, Organization, Presentation, Home, School and Office.

Edgecase’s Adaptive Navigation allows LD Products’ shoppers to tap into the expanded merchandising vocabulary that was created to more easily express their preferences and needs. Edgecase’s Decision Analytics will provide LD Products with the merchandising intelligence needed to fuel ongoing optimization leading to more effective filters driving increased sales.

“We’re incredibly proud to be working with a brand that’s as dedicated to their customers as LD Products,” said Garrett Eastham, Edgecase’s co-founder and CEO. “The Edgecase solution is going to give LD Products’ customers the unique discovery experiences they deserve while empowering the LD Products team with the growing knowledge of how and why their shoppers buy.”


About LD Products

Founded in 1999, LD Products Inc. has experienced consistent, year-over-year growth that has propelled them to be one of the largest online retailers of printer supplies in the US. Since its inception, LD Products has made customer satisfaction their number one goal. They have been recognized for their commitment to stellar customer service with the Bizrate Platinum Circle of Excellence Award for Customer Service for 11 years straight, as well as receiving an Google Trusted Store rating of 4.8, an unprecedented score for the office supplies category. LD has always been a proponent of environmental responsibility. Their remanufactured ink and toner cartridges offer individual customers and businesses a cost-effective way to reduce their carbon footprint while still receiving professional print results. Additionally, their headquarters in Long Beach, CA, boasts a LEED Certification for having met the highest possible standards for energy efficiency. LD recently expanded their current product line-up to include office supplies, offering customers a convenient and affordable alternative to purchasing everything office-related from big office supply chains.

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