Lancôme Launches New Site Experience Powered by Edgecase Product Intelligence Platform

Enriched product data from Edgecase unlocks easier product discovery
for inspiring, relevant shopping experience

Austin, TEXAS – April 6, 2016 – Lancôme, French luxury cosmetic and perfume house and one of the world’s largest beauty brands, today announced the launch of their online customer experience powered by the Edgecase Product Intelligence Platform. Lancôme’s recent investments in personalizing the digital customer experience makes the partnership between Lancôme and Edgecase pivotal to the retailer’s business. Edgecase’s Product Intelligence Platform delivers an all new layer of robust product attribution that improves product findability and relevancy across the site.

Lancôme has prioritized investment in tools that enable them to create an online shopping experience that mimics that of the in-store experience, yet is unique and inspiring for shoppers. In an effort to create a state-of-the-art experience, Lancôme partnered with Edgecase to create a strategy that not only accurately represents a wide range of product attributes, but also incorporates the language of the shopper to ensure they find what they are looking for and ideally drive them to purchase. The Edgecase Product Intelligence Platform will help Lancôme solve a few key problems:

  • Cleanse and enrich Lancôme’s product data to highlight what is unique and interesting about each product
  • Interpret shopper vocabulary and incorporate those preferences into the overall product taxonomy
  • Develop and implement category-level filters to improve navigation and brand experience
  • Continuous reporting and optimization that leverages product data intelligence, highlighting attributes that most effectively impact product discovery and sales

“The Lancôme brand represents many things, but most important is our beauty enthusiast. We are constantly looking for ways to ensure we align our shopping experiences with our customers’ needs, particularly when it comes to our online store,” said Kristopher Jean, Director of Digital Strategy and Ecommerce, Lancôme. “In partnering with Edgecase, we are able bridge the gap between what our shoppers are looking for and what they find because we’re armed with rich product data that better describes our products, in a language they understand.”

To deliver a more robust level of product attribution, Edgecase Insights listens to shoppers’ interactions with Lancôme’s brand to understand how shoppers think about the products they desire. Edgecase Enrich then leverages the Insights data to develop a more robust and impactful attribution strategy. For example, with this new layer of product data, Lancôme’s shoppers can now shop by “skin tone” or “hypoallergenic” when looking for makeup that meets their unique needs.

“We are extremely excited about the partnership with Lancôme because they are so deeply invested in creating a world-class experience for their shoppers. At Edgecase, we share that passion. Our Product Intelligence Platform unlocks the power of product attribution to create an inspiring shopping experience,” said Susanne Bowen, CEO, Edgecase. “Connecting shoppers with the products they love is our number one job, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see brands like Lancôme leverage rich product data from Edgecase to serve their customers’ needs.”

About Edgecase

Edgecase leverages unique intelligence to improve product findability and relevancy that fuels an inspiring shopping experience. Edgecase’s Product Intelligence Platform gives you actionable insights and enriched product data that connects shoppers with the products they’re actually looking for, resulting in higher engagement, conversion, and cross-channel revenue. Forward-thinking retailers using Edgecase include Crate & Barrel, Pier 1, and Urban Decay.

Edgecase was founded in 2012 and is based in Austin, Texas. The team is comprised of passionate and innovative thinkers who know that company success is created through the powerful combination of unique technology, expertise and deep client relationships.


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