Case Study

Creating Better Experiences and Increasing Sales By Translating the Store Experience Online for Crate and Barrel


Crate and Barrel has developed an incredibly successful merchandising approach to inspire shoppers in their retail stores. It only makes sense that a top priority for them is to translate that success to their online channels. One key component of this goal is the ability to represent the personality and intrinsic “touch and feel” of products traditionally purchased in person. Secondly, it is important that it be easy for shoppers to find and connect with products that best suit their personality and aesthetic. After trying various options, Crate and Barrel looked to the Edgecase Adaptive Experience Platform as a new and promising solution.

Since implementing Edgecase’s Adaptive Navigation product fueled by Edgecase’s Content Curation, Crate and Barrel has been able to present shoppers with a more personalized “store experience,” online. They are now able to allow shoppers to browse and refine products more effectively to find what makes sense for them. Results show that those who engage with the Edgecase navigation are having more success connecting with the most relevant products. Those who use Adaptive Navigation convert at a 44% higher rate (CVR), have a 128% higher revenue per visitor (RPV) and 37% higher average order value (AOV) compared to those who do not engage with the navigation.


The Edgecase solution for Crate and Barrel began by expanding their product “vocabulary.” The Edgecase Curation Team created new rich product merchandising data and tagged it to products.

These additional product dimensions and “humanized” merchandising data were then used to fuel the Edgecase navigation and discovery experiences. The solution allows each shopper to easily build their own navigation by adding and removing product preferences to create the most relevant product selection set for them. The experience allows for near real-time updating of results as shoppers refine their preferences, reducing the wait time for the shopper to see updated and more relevant product options.



The Crate and Barrel and Edgecase teams work side-by-side with a shared passion of making the shopper experience better and better. By closely monitoring layout, design and merchandising performance, the teams have been able to quickly identify improvements and new ideas to “test.” The flexibility of the Edgecase solution has made it easy to add and update product data and tagging strategies, as well as test new UX elements and preference defaults, continuously improving results.

Due to positive initial results, the Crate and Barrel team expanded Adaptive Navigation site-wide last October, and is now running tests on their sister sites CB2 and The Land of Nod.


Working directly with European ateliers and factories to import their products, Crate and Barrel was among the first retailers to make contemporary tabletop and kitchenwares affordable to American consumers. More than 50 years later, Crate and Barrel is an omni-channel family of brands and an internationally recognized industry leader, known for exclusive housewares and furniture designs, excellent value and superb customer service. To learn more about Crate and Barrel, visit