Making the Most of Holiday 2015: Increasing Paid Search & On-Site Merchandising Effectiveness

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Hold onto your hats! Holiday shopping is officially in full swing and, believe it or not, 92% of shoppers will get online to either research or purchase a gift this season, making online an incredibly critical channel. This is the time of year when many retailers learn whether their positioning, merchandising and media plans will be successful in connecting with shoppers and meeting business goals.

So, just how big is the holiday shopping season for retailers? To give some perspective: 1 in 3 retailers will spend 30–50% of their total online budget on holiday efforts, some planning to capture up to 40% of projected annual revenue during the period. Also interesting, more than half of their online budget will be dedicated to search and social which have become consistently important marketing tools in the toolbox.

With so much at stake, every optimized tactic and piece of content can make a difference. At Edgecase, we are seeing many of our retail clients utilize their adaptive navigation and product data intelligence tools to boost the effectiveness of their on-site merchandising and acquisition marketing activities.

Here are some of the best tactics we have seen yet:

1. Utilize intelligence on unique product attributes that matter most to shoppers to derive lower CPC/higher converting paid search keywords by product category and product.

utilize intelligence on filters to determine new keywords graphic


2. Maximize paid search spend and site visits by boosting landing page relevance. These retailers are using Edgecase’s Deep Linking technology to drop shoppers into curated product selections on Category pages.

google search bar for metal hall table

google search deep linking filtersSetting up Edgecase Deep Link URLs is as easy as selecting filters on a category-specific page that create the right collection or themed product selection needed to support an ad or campaign, and then copying the URL displayed in the browser. It’s really that easy.


3. Create on-site merchandising that’s targeted to key shopper needs, and then link to a selection of options that are relevant, exciting and accurate. These examples also utilize Edgecase’s Deep Linking capabilities.

Supporting Navigation-Based Merchandising
deep linking sheer curtains
Supporting Themed Sub-Homepagesdeep linking seasonal wall art


With sales expected to increase between 6–8 percent this holiday season alone, it’s obvious that online retail is becoming ever more crowded. Retailers are having to get smarter and smarter with the tools and tactics they utilize, but the ones who choose most wisely have a massive amount to gain…especially during the holiday season.

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