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It’s no secret that SXSW PanelPicker 2016 has overtaken the lives of many techies in town, and we’re in there with the best of ‘em! Edgecase is teaming up with Crate & Barrel, Urban Decay and Retail TouchPoints to bring SXSW attendees a session on the power of human+machine curation in retail ecommerce – and we need your votes! Our panel is vying for a spot in the Interactive conference’s final program, so if you’re interested in hearing from some of the retailers and brands that are pioneering this adaptive tech innovation, we’d appreciate your votes and comments on our panel page, found here.

Personal stylists, personal assistants, personal trainers. All of these handy aides help the average person bring unique enhancements to their lives, and human+machine ecommerce curation is no different. We’re all familiar with the powerful recommendation technology behind Netflix and Pandora that takes the tedious out of finding a new TV series or station – and now it’s retail’s time to shine in the personalization spotlight. Savvy online retailers have realized the power of human curation, married with machine learning, to make shopping online more like shopping in the real world – personal, exciting, and fun.

While it’s important to realize the benefits that advanced technologies have on adaptive navigation, retailers can’t lose sight of the human element that consumers still expect. Shoppers don’t want to talk to a robot online – they want to chat with a real-life, human store associate that can listen to their problems, put them into context of the products and services around them, and make an intelligent purchase recommendation.

And that’s what this session is all about. Our very own VP of Marketing, Lisa Roberts will be joined by some of the best minds in retail innovation, and we ask that you vote for our panel if:

• You want to hear from Brian Schultz, Director of Ecommerce for Crate & Barrel, about how their ecommerce site navigation, powered by yours truly, not only gives shoppers the added ability to search accurately for what they want, but lets Crate & Barrel glean insights on what is being searched for so they can make informed inventory and in-store display decisions.

• You’re interested in learning from John Perasco, AVP of Digital Infrastructure at Urban Decay, on how they use adaptive navigation, also powered by Edgecase, to traverse the multitudinous cosmetics landscape in a way that allows their shoppers to search for and find the specific products that work for their unique needs.

• You want to see what retail tech media expert Alicia Fiorletta of Retail TouchPoints has to say about the world of personalization, and how companies are teaming up with retailers to bring the power of machine learning together with the strength and sway of human intuition.

If you have questions, please comment on the panel page! We’d love to see your feedback and thoughts about this topic, as well as specific things you’d like for panelists to touch on, should we be selected for the 2016 conference.

Voting is live from August 10 to September 4, so check out the panel page here, and we hope to see you at SXSW Interactive 2016!

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Kassidy is the Lead Generation Specialist for Edgecase. Prior to joining Edgecase, she was the Marketing Coordinator for Invodo. She is passionate about creating live experiences that drive action in a meaningful and rewarding way.

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