Edgecase Customers See 139% Lift in Revenue per Visit Over the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Posted by Lisa Roberts at 8:31 pm in Adaptive Commerce, Merchandising

New data underscores the importance of differentiating the site experience during the holidays, especially with online becoming top choice for shoppers.

This Thanksgiving holiday represented a massive milestone with online shopping eclipsing the store, along with a growing percentage of store sales being impacted by online research. A National Retail Federation survey on Sunday found that more people shopped online than in stores during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend, a clear sign of evolving American shopping habits. Consumers spent an estimated $4.45 billion online Thursday and Friday, with Black Friday rising 14% from a year ago (according to Adobe Systems Inc.) with an estimated more than half of Black Friday shopping happening from mobile devices.

The beauty of ecommerce is how quickly optimizations can be made if the right insights and capabilities are available. Retailers who know what worked and what didn’t have the opportunity to make optimizations THIS year and maximize their 2015 holiday potential. With so many shoppers choosing to take their business online, retailers will be forced to work harder to differentiate their site experience and target the most inspiring and relevant products to each shopper.

We’ve seen some interesting and exciting trends across the Edgecase client base this holiday season:

Holiday shoppers using Edgecase filters buy more.

We saw 139% higher revenue per visitor (RPV) over the Thanksgiving holiday for shoppers who used Edgecase Adaptive Navigation versus those who didn’t. This is even 25% higher than the RPV lift we typically see during the pre-holiday season.

Persona and theme-based merchandising works big time.

Our clients embracing theme-based merchandising capabilities made possible with our solution are reaping the biggest benefits. This includes the ability to quickly create new persona or theme-based category or “spill” pages with the broadest assortment of relevant products represented at all times.

Those most heavily leveraging themed category pages saw up to a 180% higher average RPV when shoppers used filters versus the site average for shoppers who not use filters.

Shoppers have unique gift recipients in mind.

With Edgecase technology, we can see what specific categories, filters and product preferences are driving shopper interest and product sales. This year, we’ve seen some very interesting trends in the types of gifts people are shopping for. Here are some of the top gift themes that we’re seeing drive attention and sales:

• Healthy Gifts
• Educational Toys
• Stocking Stuffers
• Toys by Age
• Game Night
• Christmas Decor
• Gifts for the Baker
• Gifts for the Coffee & Tea Lover

Customers responded well to the themed merchandising, but the Ecommerce and Merchant teams are really the big winners here. Not only do they have positive trending sales, but they have clear intelligence on what campaigns and products are resonating with their customers and what is not.

Edgecase performance reporting and product intelligence drives more than just clear navigation and product data recommendations. Merchant and Marketing teams are empowered with fast feedback on what campaigns and merchandising tactics are resonating. With more than 20 days left in the Holiday 2015 shopping season, this type of intelligence has the potential to positively impact millions of dollars in sales.

Talk with us about how we can help you plan for an even bigger holiday 2016.

lisa roberts

Lisa Roberts is a 15-year Ecommerce vet who’s worked with technology innovators, including Edgecase, who are building real solutions for hard retailer problems. Her experience working inside a retailer, agency-side and vendor-side give her a unique perspective on how to innovate at the pace of consumer evolution while remaining focused on delivering proven results.

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