Edgecase: A Gartner Cool Vendor for Digital Commerce Marketing

Posted by Susanne Bowen at 11:24 am in What’s New at Edgecase

It’s been a pretty exciting few weeks here at the Edgecase. First, we made a huge announcement about our recent partnership and launch with Lancôme, and now we’re excited to announce that Gartner has selected us as one of their 2016 Cool Vendors for Digital Commerce Marketing. The leading IT research and advisory firm compiled a short-list of five vendors who help digital marketers support the demand for compelling shopping experiences that consumers increasingly exhibit. Recognized for a range of tools designed to enable digital commerce strategies and marketing initiatives, the five vendors included in the report are all developing next generation retail technologies, just like Edgecase has with our Product Intelligence Platform.

So, what makes us cool?

  • We leverage curated, enriched product data to improve product findability and relevancy.


  • We enrich product vocabulary and attribute data to enable shoppers by using their own language rather than merchant or manufacturer “speak”.


  • We deliver the intelligence retailers need to better understand how shoppers are interacting with product data at the attribute level, because it’s not enough to know shoppers’ browse paths, you have to know what they’re looking for in their own words.


The development and maintenance of quality product attribute data is a challenge for virtually every retailer we talk to.  The reasons for this vary.  In some cases, it’s because product data is drawn from many sources and lives in various disparate places across multiple teams.  For others, product attribution is frequently written in a language that only the merchants understand despite the fact that shoppers likely use a totally different vocabulary.  Incomplete, inconsistent, product data continues to hinder ecommerce growth and that’s why we made it our business.  Edgecase is focused on delivering a solution that improves product data, fuels better shopping experiences and ultimately, helps shoppers find what they are actually looking for.

We are extremely honored to be included in Gartner’s Cool Vendor report. Our passion is working with our clients to improve product data and ultimately, fuel better shopper experiences.  We are very proud of the work we’ve done so far, we believe that being a part of a report of this stature is validation that what we do is game-changing and unique in terms of innovative retail technologies. There are more great things to come from Edgecase and this announcement is great momentum for our team! Stay tuned!

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Susanne Bowen is an accomplished CEO with a proven track record for scaling innovative software businesses built on the principles of client partnership and success. As Edgecase CEO, she leads overall operations and the strategic vision for the business, contributing expertise in market strategy and driving growth.

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