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compare metrics logo evolution to edgecase

As excited as we are about our new name, it was a bittersweet task to redesign our logo. We revised the Compare Metrics visual identity only a year before and had quickly grown to love it. With our bright colors and Swiss style aesthetic, we stood out at shows and had started to become known as the cool kids on the block.

We didn’t want to stray far from the brand we’d just begun to build, but every new name deserves a fresh face.

We enlisted the help of a fantastic local art director to add an outside perspective to the new logo design. As our in-house graphic designer, he and I worked independently and would share ideas and feedback throughout the process. We didn’t have a clear vision for the Edgecase logo; we just wanted it to work well with our current branding. That left us with a wide-open window for ideas. And we explored vastly different ones — boxes, monograms, mascots, orbits, building blocks, circles that looked like Massimo Vignelli’s famous subway signage…we even tried a version of our current logo with an E instead of a C.

After weeks of ideating, iterating, sharing, and refining, our executive team voted on the strongest contenders. They chose my design, which we dubbed the ‘moving cube’ for its optical effect.

edgecase logo

edgecase logo one color white


The idea for this logomark came later in the design process and was created from brand collateral we already had. It was one of those happenstance moments in design when everything falls into place so quickly that it feels a little too easy. However, I’ve learned when it’s that easy, it’s usually right.


compare metrics business cards design

The geometric pattern on our Compare Metrics business cards spurred the idea for our new logo.

Despite the simplicity of its design, this new logo holds a deeper meaning for us.

• The cube shapes represent overturned boxes, which symbolize our goal of overthrowing industry-standard segmentation methods in order to embrace the individual…each an edge case.
• The geometric shapes hint at maneuverable building blocks to represent the architecture of our platform and our ability to support any brand and any customer. But they can also be rebuilt in order to evolve with us as we grow.
• Lastly, it’s reminiscent of the former logo we loved so much. It uses the same hexagon shape and several of the same colors as our Compare Metrics logo.

We view this less as a rebrand and more as a natural evolution of our identity. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

anika samples

As the Marketing Designer, Anika designs all brand collateral and maintains the visual identity for Edgecase. Prior to joining the Edgecase team, she helped build the brand identity for sushi restaurant start-up How Do You Roll? before starting her own freelance design company, Incandescent Creative.

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