Do We All Just Care About “Color, Brand and Price”?

Posted by Lisa Roberts at 2:06 pm in Content Curation
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For Edgecase, one of our primary reasons for being is to act as an extended member of our clients’ merchandising teams. We share a goal of unearthing a deeper and deeper understanding of who their shoppers are, what they care about and how they want to express themselves.

Our solution is built on the premise that each person has a unique set of things that matter to them…preferences and needs. Similarly, each unique individual has a method that feels “right” to gather the information they need to make a confident decision.

What we’ve found with our retail clients to date is that much of the critical data that shoppers desire already exists, but it’s dispersed here-and-there across the site and the shopper’s experience. The data is in product pages, user guides, customer reviews and videos. It’s a scatter-shot approach that can leave shoppers going in circles or “pogo-ing” back and forth between gridwalls and product pages to get the critical info they need.

We decided to take a more methodical approach to assessing the current state of online discovery and navigation and how well it’s aligned with natural human language and decision-making.

Our findings confirmed our hypothesis — there is a communication gap between retailers and shoppers. Shoppers are being forced to summarize what they’re looking for in extremely standardized terms — often just “color, brand and price!” The rich context of the human language and how we use it to make decisions is vastly under-represented.

Our latest eBook, Lost in Translation: Evolving Merchandising to Bridge the Shopper Communication Gap, provides a category-by-category assessment of current navigation and what it should be. It also outlines key steps merchandising and ecommerce teams can take to bridge the gap.

How does your company fare?

lisa roberts

Lisa Roberts is a 15-year Ecommerce vet who’s worked with technology innovators, including Edgecase, who are building real solutions for hard retailer problems. Her experience working inside a retailer, agency-side and vendor-side give her a unique perspective on how to innovate at the pace of consumer evolution while remaining focused on delivering proven results.

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