• The Business Case for Better Data: Product Data Intelligence to Enable Better Decision Making

    In the final installment of our “Business Case for Better Data” blog series we’ll talk a little more about translating data into actionable insights. It seems pretty simple given all the data retailers have access to, but it’s not an easy task to tackle unless you’ve got the right magic to solve the complex data […]

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  • The Business Case for Better Data: Unlocking New and Innovative Merchandising Strategies


    Today’s installment of the “Business Case for Better Data” is all about the merchandiser. Let’s be honest, the number of hats they could wear in a day is nothing short of impressive. From data analyst to user experience extraordinaire, merchandisers are constantly shifting gears to make sure they are keeping up today’s ever-evolving shopper.  At […]

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  • The Business Case for Better Data: Powering E-commerce Engines


    Here’s a truth you’ve probably heard before: ecommerce growth has hit a wall. Costs are up, processes to manage data attribution are manual and labor-intensive, and the metrics that matter are generally stagnant. Retailers spend a lot on innovative tools to create a great user experience. Onsite search, filtered navigation, product recommendation and personalization engines […]

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  • The Business Case for Better Data: Translating “Merchant Speak”


    Communication isn’t easy.  We all have our own way of talking about things, unique vocabulary that allows us to express our interests, preferences, and feelings.  Similarly, every retailer has their own vocabulary, a version of product language that describes products and their intended uses.  Unfortunately, that language tends to be more attune to how a […]

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  • The Business Case for Better Data: Inaccurate or Incomplete Product Data Hides Inventory

    Posted by kristenlisa at 11:05 am in Merchandising, Product Data, Research
    Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.03.37 PM

    The second blog in our ebook series looks at the digital shelf and how structured product data is critical in ensuring shoppers see all the products available to them. Imagine walking through a brick-and-mortar store, you go to your favorite aisle to grab your favorite item and quickly realize….it’s gone! In fact, the whole shelf […]

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  • The Man & The Machine: Fashion in an Age of Technology


    Hello, my name is Brian Parks, I’m the VP of Sales at Edgecase and a bit of a technology geek. Honestly, I’m much more enthusiast than expert, but I love learning what futurists predict about what comes next. Technology is constantly changing and evolving, finding its way into our lives in new and innovative ways. […]

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