A company’s culture is the culmination of all the personalities and attitudes of the people that work in the organization. At Edgecase, we believe in celebrating wins (with a gong), approaching our work with passion that’s tempered with laughter, and in building technology that is meaningful to the world. We want this to be where you’ll come to do your very best work.


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Our Core Values


Doing what you say you’ll do. Responsible. Dependable.

Team Player

Willingness to prioritize company and team goals above personal achievement. Collaborative. Winning together.


Finding a way to get it done, and done well. Creatively overcoming challenges despite constraints. Determined. Imaginative.

Intellectually Curious

Purposeful questioning of the established dogma and taking compelling risks. A want to always be growing & learning. Betterment.


Showing admiration for each other’s work and honoring others’ opinions. Supportive. Thoughtful.


Commitment to build and achieve, for clients and ourselves. Dedication. Drive.