About Edgecase

We believe that humans have the world’s most powerful processor at the top of our heads. Yet, we’ve grown accustomed to relying on technology as a replacement for thought. Segmentation, automation and re-targeting have gotten us to a 3–5% average online conversion rate, and it’s going to take a paradigm shift to break this plateau.

The Edgecase Product Intelligence platform combines the art of human expression with the science of technology to empower shoppers to think, discover, compare and decide as they do in the real world, using their own words and preferences to confidently make decisions. Our goal is to partner with our clients to create experiences that feel inspiring and memorable to every one of their shoppers.

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Why Edgecase?

An “edge case” is a case that breaks the mold. In business and technology, the edge case is unique, complex and hard to accommodate and support. We’re too often forced to discount the edge as an outlier, an anomaly. But we’re all edge cases, aren’t we? Every person...every shopper...is a wonderful collection of unique ideas, preferences and tendencies. We are not the crowd, and that’s the whole point.

The new name evolved from the company’s expanded vision and platform capabilities, and is inspired by the reality that every shopper is an edge case. Likewise, the name recognizes both the challenge and opportunity facing retailers to deliver inspiring shopping experiences that can accommodate the preferences, language and discovery paths of every shopper, transcending the typical 80/20 strategies and garnering a competitive edge.

Embrace the edge case!


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