Product data intelligence you can actually use

Enriched product data that connects your shopper with the products they’re actually looking for.

About Edgecase

Edgecase leverages unique intelligence to improve product findability and relevancy that fuels an inspiring shopping experience. Our proprietary technology gives you actionable insights and enriched product data, fueling ecommerce growth.

Actionable Insights That Move the Needle

Edgecase Insights delivers the real intelligence you need to fuel an exceptional shopping experience. Insights helps you understand how shoppers are interacting with product data on your site. We give you intelligence at the attribute level, where we believe the most robust insights live. You don’t need another pile of data to sort through. Edgecase Insights was built to highlight areas of opportunity, bring clarity to decisions you can make and assess the impact of those decisions over time.

Product Data as Dynamic as the Shopper it Serves

Edgecase Enrich enables you to easily augment and adapt your product data to be able to take advantage of the opportunities identified by Insights. To improve findability and relevancy across your site, we’ve built technology that goes beyond the limitations of your current tools. Enrich empowers merchants to develop a data-driven strategy and execute at scale to align with ever-evolving customer sentiment.