The Pains of Poor Product Data

Without great product data, even the most incredible product selection and user experience in the world won’t help shoppers find what they are looking for.

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Translating An In-Store Experience Online

With Edgecase’s Adaptive Navigation, Crate & Barrel has been able to offer shoppers the richness of their store experience online, resulting in increased CVR, RPV, AOV.

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Consumer Survey: New Mobile Shopper Insights

Learn 5 tips for creating a mobile shopping experience for the modern shopper.

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About Us

Edgecase is the #1 provider of curated product data that fuels retail. By identifying and creating enriched product attributes that align with how consumers think and communicate, we empower retailers to speak the language of their shoppers. Our Adaptive Navigation tools leverage this expanded product vocabulary to power discovery experiences that connect shoppers with the products they’ll love, resulting in higher engagement, conversion, and revenue.

Product Data Enrichment

Staying on top of the “best” way to merchandise your products each day is a challenge. Making sure each product then has the latest, greatest and most compelling attributes associated with it is even more daunting.

Edgecase is your partner in creating product data strategies, managing data augmentation and enrichment, and then using intelligence to drive on-going optimization. See how we do it.

Adaptive Navigation

You’re looking for real, permanent website improvements that can drive results, fast. Every one of your shoppers “navigates” your site. Why not make it as simple and relevant as if they were working with a great store associate?

Edgecase Adaptive Navigation tools for desktop and mobile leverage your enriched product data to better connect each shopper with the best product options, driving increased sales and revenue. See our solutions.